Battlefield Park

BATTLEFIELD is excited to partner this year with The Virginia Swim Shop in offering our team
suits online to our families!  You can purchase our team suit and other swim accessories.
When shopping online, a few items to remember:

1. You must set up or log into an account  before you can place an order.

2. Please disregard the "out of stock" message.  Your items will be a special order.  

3. When ordering a suit, please type BATTLEFIELD in your "team name" field. You will also need
to enter your SWIMMER’S first and last name in the swimmers name field.

4. When checking out, please select SUMMER LEAGUE TEAMS. Your items will be distributed
by your swim rep at the beginning of the summer swim season. 

  • If you continue to experience  difficulties, attempt placing your order on a different computer.

If you have any questions regarding this webstore or your order, please contact your team representative, Megan [email protected]

Thank you and have a wonderful summer!!!!