Welcome to The Virginia Swim Shop !

Please choose the link above for your specific school, team, or online shopping needs.  If you do not see your team listed, the webstore has closed and you may come into the shop at Regency to purchase a team suit.


Clothing size Swimsuit size
4/5 Youth 20
5/6 Youth 22
7/8 Youth 24
9/10 Youth 26
11/12 Youth or 1/2 Adult 28
13/14 Youth or 3/4 Adult 30
5/6 Adult 32
7/8 Adult 34
9/10 Adult 36
11/12 Adult 38
13/14 Adult 40


All summer league team suits are available at the Regency mall store only.  You will find our main entrance under the parking deck as there is no access through the mall itself.


If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]